Caspar Friedrich - May 2019

Open from May to June

“The Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” is one of Caspar’s most well-known painting. It is also one of the most representative works of Romanticism. While the artist may have died in obscurity due to the modernization of Germany and the sense of urgency that came with it,  he was seen as a man of renown in his early career. Explore each work he had offered through his time on Earth at the museum of L’Aquila, Italy.

Open from May to August

John Martin’s landscapes involved the ruggedness of the Northumberland crags while his apocalyptic paintings show his intimate knowledge of the forges of Tyne Valley. While he may have flourished in painting in the beginning, he was frequently interrupted by events in his personal life. Visit the gallery at L’Aquila, Italy, to see the marvelous paintings hung on display.

John Martin - May 2019

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